Youth Homes Announces New CEO as McCullough Retires

Youth Homes Announces New CEO as McCullough Retires

Youth Homes, a non-profit organization committed to serving the needs oftraumatized foster youth and former foster youth in the Bay Area, is pleased toannounce the selection of Candy Espino as its new CEO. Espino will fill thevacancy in December created by the retirement of Stuart McCullough. ThroughMcCullough's 24 year leadership, advocacy and dedication, Youth Homes has grownto become one of the preeminent leaders in foster care. As an organization theyhave expanded services to transition age youth, at a time when the need forthese services is growing. They remain the oldest, continually operatingchildren's residential program in Contra Costa County. During his tenure,McCullough brought together an engaged employee staff that partnered with anextraordinary group of volunteers. Together they created an industry leadingrate of success in achieving independence and solid career choices for kids atYouth Homes. " It has been my honor to partner with an employee group whoworks tirelessly to support and protect foster children. I could not be prouderof their competence, their integrity and their huge hearts," remarked Mr.McCullough." I am also very pleased that Ms. Candy Espino has been chosento be our new Chief Executive Officer. "Ms.Espino brings 10 years ofcommunity based executive leadership to our agency. Her background is veryextensive and strongly emphasizes the importance of county based mental healthservices and social management. We are fortunate that she will be leading ourteam."

The selection of Ms. Espino was made after a national search and selectionprocess. "Stuart McCullough has been an exceptional and courageousdirector for our agency for over two decades, committed to our mission ofhelping foster children heal and grow. It has been my privilege to work withthis visionary; a leader who believes in strong fiscal management and the valueof bringing dedicated staff, volunteers and community partners together toprovide the very best work possible for the kids in our care," said YouthHomes Board Chair Kathy Bowles. "In her many years working with fosterchildren, Candy Espino has shown she is an accomplished and innovativeexecutive leader, who can motivate and inspire teams to reach their highestpotential. The Board of Directors is looking forward to working with Candy inher new role as CEO of Youth Homes. "

Prior to Youth Homes Ms. Espino served as Vice President and Director ofOperations for the Arizona's Children Association. In this role she wasresponsible for leading both operations and strategic initiatives includingFoster Care and Therapeutic Foster Care programs and Youth in Transitionservices with a 325 person staff and $23MM budget. Beyond her traditionalduties, Candy contributed to the rewriting of the Arizona statute for fosterhomes, group homes and youth in transition services. She also implemented anelectronic heath record program state-wide and was instrumental in creatingstrong community partnerships for the Association.

"Joining a quality and enthusiastic team, like the one at Youth Homes, isnot an everyday opportunity. I am committed to working alongside this team,focusing on continued excellence and the mission of providing every fosteryouth a safe place to heal and grow," said Ms Espino. "I feelextremely fortunate to come in at a time when Youth Homes has had such strongand dedicated leadership from Mr. McCullough. I am certain that his vision, andlegacy of true teamwork and youth empowerment, will continue to thrive. I lookforward to getting to know the teams, the youth, the board of directors, andthe community where I will dedicate my time and passion."

Youth Homes, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to servingthe needs of traumatized foster and former foster youth. It is a nationallyaccredited agency annually serving 500 children and their families. Youth Homesservices include intensive residential treatment programs and community-basedmental health and case management support that promotes the healing process forseverely traumatized youth. (

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