The Verdict - February Feature from The International Film Showcase

The Verdict - February Feature from The International Film Showcase

The International Film Showcase's February feature is The Verdict from Belgium.

The Film will have its USA premiere on Feb. 27th at the Orinda Theater for a full week and will also screen at the El Campanil Antioch on March 22nd.

Synopsis: A serious flaw in Belgium’s justice system is illustrated in “The Verdict,” an accomplished drama from veteran local multihyphenate Jan Verheyen. This tale of a man’s horrific loss of family and the legal glitch that lets the killer go scot-free.


About The International Film Showcase: The International Film Showcase was the brainchild of Efi Lubliner in 2010. He convinced Jo Alice Canterbury and Kate Wiley to help him launch the idea of showing a foreign feature not available in local cinemas or on Netflix for one week a month to the managers of the Orinda Theatre. In January 2011, MAX MANUS (a Norweigan World War II epic) jump started our project and we have been screening first rate foreign features ever since. Each has won international film awards and several have been shortlisted for Golden Globes and Oscars (currently TANGERINES from Estonia which we screened in November 2014 and TIMBUKTU from Mauritania which is scheduled in March 2015). Our fifth season starts on January 30th, 2015 with Italy's HUMAN CAPITAL which has won 39 awards, including six Donatellas (Italy's Oscar). The hits just keep on coming!


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