The Brand New Testament at the Orinda Theatre

The Brand New Testament at the Orinda Theatre

Fri, January 27, 2017

We are starting our 7th year with a funny irreverent comedy. The Brand New Testament will open in Orinda on 1/27/17

This film was Golden Globe nominee in 2016 and has won 11 international awards. I am enclosing a couple of stills from the movie. Please help us promote it.


Synopsis: God exists. He lives in Brussels. These two lines set the stage perfectly for Jaco Van Dormael’s latest film. There’s more, of course. God lives in an apartment with no entry or exit and spends most of his time in a giant office where he controls the world through a computer terminal that looks like it still runs Windows 98. He lives with his wife and daughter and is a raging jerk to both of them. His son, whom you may have heard of, made his escape through the washing machine long ago. Finally his daughter, Ea, gets fed up, decides to leave the nest, find her own apostles and write her own brand new testament. But before she makes her escape, she steals the key to the office and texts the answer to an all-important question to everyone on Earth. Her attempted good deed backfires and God must scramble to fix it before humanity finds it has no need of Him.