Step Up to the East Bay Community Resilience Challenge What Will Your Project or Pledge Be?

Step Up to the East Bay Community Resilience Challenge What Will Your Project or Pledge Be?

April 30, 2015

Alameda and Contra Costa Counties The California drought has worsened recently,
and it’s a huge concern for many as we approach the hot, dry summer season. Now
through the month of May, help conserve water and build more resilient communities by
making a pledge and taking action!

The Community Resilience Challenge, founded by Petaluma-based Daily Acts, is a
collaboration of non-profits, municipalities, businesses, and individuals working together
to bring awareness to the need for community-based, low-tech, local solutions to the
pivotal issues facing our planet, from our drought to food insecurity to climate change.

Last Spring for the 2014 Resilience Challenge, Alameda and Contra Costa county
communities stepped up with 8,087 actions to grow food, save water, conserve energy,
and build community! With the help of 32 registered Community Partners, 47 resilience
themed projects were hosted to help our communities reach their goals together.

One Berkeley resident said, “I joined the East Oakland work party after pledging to help
out a community group. I had a fantastic time and learned all about rain barrels.”

This year through May, our East Bay goal is 8,500 actions and projects. You can
participate by registering actions, participating in an event, or planning a work party to
build community resilience.

Get started by visiting and clicking “Register an Action”
or “Register a Project”. Simply fill out the form and select from a menu of over 40
potential actions, from installing a greywater system to planting a fruit tree to organizing
an emergency preparedness meeting to unplugging unused electronics – there is
something for everyone!

East Bay Resilience Challenge organizing partners include Bay Localize, Sustainable
Contra Costa, Daily Acts, and the NorCal Community Resilience Network. Please visit for more information. Be a part of the movement and
register your action today!

Ellen Greco

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