LESS NAGGING AND WHINING More Civility and Cooperation

LESS NAGGING AND WHINING More Civility and Cooperation

Tue, November 4, 2014

Many families develop patterns of nagging parents and whining children. Learn how these patterns develop and gain some strategies to more effectively and positively engage with your child to foster a more cooperative environment in your home.

Robin Hauge, MS, CCC-SLP, Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist:
Robin brings over 30 years of experience to her interactions with children and families. She is actively involved in parent education, including teaching Hanen’s It Takes Two To Talk, as well as developing and teaching positive parenting programs that enable parents to support their children in an attuned and compassionate way.

Luke Hehemann, MS, SLP:
Over the past eight years Luke has worked with children of all ages – including many on the autism spectrum – across educational, home, and community-based settings. He has collaborated extensively with families and other professionals across disciplines in creating programs to support communication and social development. Luke’s approach to therapy builds engagement through each child’s strengths and interests, which he sees as central to positive relationships and meaningful learning experiences.

Presented by
Robin Hauge, MS, CCC-SLP
Luke Hehemann, MS, SLP


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