Burckhalter School Volunteers Recognized at AAUW Luncheon

Burckhalter School Volunteers Recognized at AAUW Luncheon

Tue, May 17, 2016

Burckhalter School Volunteers Recognized at May 17, 2016 Luncheon
By AAUW-OML Branch Member Denise Burian

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) Orinda-Moraga-Lafayette (OML) Branch will be recognizing the many volunteers to the Burckhalter School at its annual “Distinguished Woman” luncheon on Tuesday May 17, 2016. This year will feature Distinguished “Women” as the Branch has provided 40+ volunteers over 24 years to Burckhalter Elementary School in Oakland, CA. Please plan to attend the luncheon at the Moraga Country Club. The cost is $33 and reservations can be sent to Janet Mendenhall at 2424 Tice Creek Drive #3, Walnut Creek, CA 94595.

The founders of the tutoring program at Burkhalter in 1993, Carol Messinger and K. de Groot, have volunteered all 23 years. Five others have over 15 years of service - Marilyn Budge (founder of the library program), Jan Coe, Carrol Foxall, Jean Somerset and Connie Mueser. They, and all other volunteers, give 5 or more hours of their time each week to tutor children or work in the library, not including travel and prep time.

The OML Branch volunteers have provided over 27,000 tutoring hours, making a significant impact in the lives of the children, and the school as a whole. Some have tutored a child for several years, with some students crediting their tutor for helping them succeed. There are currently 12 tutors from OML at the school.

Marilyn Budge is responsible for reopening the Burckhalter School library in 1997. Without AAUW OML staffing it, the school would not have a functioning library today.

Burkhalter also has its first technology expert volunteer in the computer lab. Our volunteers prove to be smart, educated, experienced and interesting. They include teachers, librarians, engineers, lawyers and many other disciplines. Many have spouses and friends that have volunteered as well. These distinguished volunteers make a deep and lasting impact on the lives of the children of Burckhalter School.

For more information, visit the AAUW-OML website: oml-ca.aauw.net.